Consultation/Full Mouth Examination

During your first appointment at our office, our dentist will perform a complete oral examination, including:

  • Visual Examination

    As part of the visual exam, we will closely examine your teeth, their supporting structures, and the oral anatomy.

  • Examination with intra-oral camera

    Dentist will take photos using intra oral camera to show your dental problems closely on a TV screen (cavities, calculi deposits, cracked tooth/filling).

    These photographs will enable you to assess the success of the treatment by comparing before and after treatment photos.

  • Digital X ray analysis

    We also use digital X-rays to diagnose tooth decay(caries/cavities), bone loss, and other dental problems.

  • Evaluation of tooth decay, gum problems & diagnosis

    With the aid of visual/intra-oral camera examination and X ray analysis, we will evaluate any problems you may have in your teeth.

    In addition an evaluation will be conducted on the health of your gums.

    Another key aspect we look at is the analysis of your bite and the health of the inner lining of your mouth (oral mucosal problems).

  • Special Tests

    For a particular tooth with symptoms, the dentist will carry out further tests as required.

Following the completion of your full oral health examination:

  • The dentist will discuss all the finding with you in detail
  • Will offer suitable treatment options
  • Will discuss pros and cons of each option and enable you to make an informed decision.
  • The team will inform you the treatment costs after applying any ongoing discounts/special offers

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