Dentures are an excellent and affordable way to replace single or multiple missing teeth. They are custom made to suite your mouth ensuring comfort, aesthetics, fit and function.


  • improve your ability and give confidence to properly speak and eat
  • restore your natural facial volume back
  • enhance the overall beauty of your smile back
  • Improve the overall health of your mouth and body by enabling to eat nutritious meals

Types of dentures

Complete dentures

Replaces all missing upper and/or lower teeth.

Partial dentures

To replace one or more teeth but have remaining natural teeth, often includes a thin framework or clasps that attach to the natural teeth for a secure fit.


Valplast dentures

For front missing teeth - Modern Valplast dentures provide a perfect fit with small size to replace one or more missing teeth whilst having the ability to discretely blend in with the remaining natural teeth.

Valplast dentures are more flexible and easily adaptable, smaller in size and more tolerable


Same day dentures

We do same day extractions and denture fitting for missing teeth in visible areas.

Same day dentures will be made prior to the extraction of the teeth and will be fitted in the mouth on the same day after extractions. Dentist will review and adjust the denture in the following visits and may be required to do a re-lining few months later.

Advantage is you can avoid having a teeth missing phase, especially if the replacing teeth are in the visible areas.

Re-lining, repairs and tooth addition

We reline dentures to improve the form, fit and function of the dentures. Repairs and addition of missing teeth are also done. Same day treatments are available on request at very affordable prices.