Root Canal Treatment

Artificial teeth can never match the performance and reliability of healthy natural teeth.    

Instead of extracting a non-vital tooth, you can often save it with pain-free root canal treatment. Here, the dentist and the caring team use the latest endodontic equipment and anaesthesia to provide a pleasant, comfortable experience. The treatment can be done in stages, meaning it is less time per visit and you can pay in stages.


Advantages of saving your tooth:

  • Natural teeth are more efficient and stronger for biting
  •  Cost is saved for artificial teeth to replace the missing tooth
  •  No damage to other teeth
  •  Prevent tilting adjacent teeth towards the missing gap to cause further cavities, gum problems.

Root canal treatment is recommended when the tooth pulp, blood vessels and nerves become infected or damaged. 

This could be commonly due to:

  • Deep decay, cavities
  • Injury/trauma
  • Crack/fracture in tooth
  • Tooth wear

The damage to the tooth could cause it to become non-vital (dead) and get infected, causing an abscess. If it is a trauma, tooth can die without any significant pain.

Possible symptoms:

  • sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • extreme pain at early stage and then pain on biting
  • swelling in the gums
  • bad smell and taste
  • tooth discolouration


In root canal treatment, the infected and injured tissues are removed from within the tooth and the canals of the roots are cleaned. Medication is filled into the canals. Depends on the level of infection, it may need a second cleaning stage.

In the final stage, the canals of the roots are permanently filled with a special material.

Then the tooth original shape is re-build with a filling material.

Depends on the remaining tooth structure, tooth may need a crown/cap to obtain the strength.

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